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TeckWrap Specialty Vinyl

Of course you want your next Cricut craft project to pop! The best way to do that is with a gorgeous holographic, metallic or opal vinyl by TeckWrap.
Holographic Pattern Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap
Quick View
Glass Flower Lilac
Pattern Cobblestone Aqua
Pattern Geometric Opal
Pattern Green Mermaid Scales
Pattern Mermaid Scales Lilac
Pattern Leopard Opal
Pattern Opal Rhombus
Pattern Rose Opal
Pattern Peach Yellow Mermaid Scales
Pattern Peach Yellow Pink Leopard
Pattern Peach Yellow Rose
Pattern Hearts Rainbow
Pattern Rainbow Leopard
Pattern Rainbow Mermaid
Pattern Transparent Leopard
Pattern Transparent Mermaid Scales
Glass Flower Black
Pattern Mirror Rainbow Paint
Pattern Peach Yellow Glitter Rhombus
Pattern Rainbow Diamond
Pattern Rainbow Paint
Pattern Silver Ice Cubes
Pattern Mermaid Scales Opal
Pattern Candy

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Cold Colour Changing Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap
Quick View
Clear to Blue
Clear to Red
Clear to Rose Red
Clear to Orange
Clear to Yellow
Clear to Green
Pale Blue to Deep Blue
Pale Tiffany to Tiffany
Pale Lavender to Lavender
Pale Red to Red
Pale Pink to Pink
Pale Rose Pink to Rose Pink
Pale Orange to Orange
Pale Yellow to Yellow
Pale Green to Green
Neon Blue Purple
Neon Pink Purple
Neon Pink Red
Neon Yellow Green
Neon Yellow Dark Green
Neon Aqua Dark Green

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Metallic Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap
Quick View
Textured Champagne Gold
Textured Dark Brown
Textured Gold
Textured Mirror Rose Gold
Textured Rose Gold
Textured Silver
Satin Champagne Gold
Satin Emerald Green
Satin Rose Gold
Satin Sage Silver
Satin Violet Purple
Satin Ash Grey
Mirror Cool Blue
Mirror Emerald Green
Mirror Gold
Mirror Red
Mirror Rose Gold
Mirror Royal Pink
Mirror Silver
Mirror Space Grey

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Opal Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap
Quick View
Forest Green
Green Malachite
Fierce Red
Hot Pink
Opal White
Orchid Purple
Peach Yellow Pink
Peacock Blue
Pearlescent Coral Orange
Pearlescent Fierce Red
Pearlescent Green Malachite
Pearlescent Hot Pink
Pearlescent Lime
Pearlescent Peacock Blue
Pearlescent Hyacinth Blue

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