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Our Story

We are a family of makers and problem solvers
We are a creative company that started because of a simple phrase...

"Hey hon, can you 3D print me something to hold all my Cricut blades, tools and pens?"

 Meet Shelley and Jeff Whynot the founders of Uniquely Whynot and the newer sister company Uniquely Whynot Craft.

We live in Oshawa, Ontario Canada in the heart of Durham Region (just east of Toronto) with our two teenage children, our two golden-doodles Ruby and Rosy, and a gecko named Charlie. We started Uniquely Whynot back in 2019 to solve a problem a lot of Cricut crafters seemed to have. Tool, blade and pen organization!! 

Since that time of course we have weathered the pandemic and added many other 3D printed products to our catalog, and shipped worldwide. 

During one of the seemingly never ending lockdowns here in Ontario, we found ourselves frustrated by the lack of affordable choices for Adhesive Vinyl, HTV and supplies locally. Being the problem solvers we are, we decided to fill that gap and Uniquely Whynot Craft was born. 

We have almost 400 adhesive and heat transfer vinyls to choose from in sizes ranging from 12 inches to 50 feet. 

We want affordable, flexible options for Durham Region Cricut and Silhouette crafters. At this time we are offering porch pick up, local delivery, and shipping. By early 2022 our plan is to open a maker space (more on that to come as it comes together). 

Meet Shelley Whynot

Shelley takes care of all things creative, including writing these bios, building the website, and all communications and marketing. As a serial entrepreneur, Shelley's first business back in university was a painting business, and helping customers decide on colours and decorating was her passion. From there her entrepreneurial journey took her into education first with children as owner of a tutoring company and for the past decade expectant families as a childbirth educator and sleep consultant. Retiring from that work to build a business around creating is dream fulfilling. You will most likely find Shelley in her craft room recording one of her latest projects or on an Instagram Live when she isn't driving her son to sailing training or her daughter to acrobatic or ballet training. 

Meet Jeff Whynot

Jeff is our in engineer and in-house all things tech expert. He takes the wild imaginings and practical problems that Shelley comes up with and brings them to life and 3D existence. He has over 30 years experience as a software engineer and business solutions expert and is meticulous in everything he does. When he isn't designing products and preparing shipments, you may find him at the park with the dogs, looking at building another 3D printer (we currently have 6) or cooking up his famous ribs and Nova Scotia potato salad. 

Our kiddos...

At the top I said we are a family of creatives... our children were both accepted into a regional arts program at school. Our son for Media Arts and our daughter for dance. Seeing them in learning and growing in a creative environment makes us both proud and thrilled. 

We are thrilled to have you with us on our journey as we expand this little business that started with a short sentence. Find us one social media

@uniquelywhynotcraft is our handle on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

@uniqelywhynot on Pinterest and Youtube.

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