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Holographic Pattern Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap

Colour: Glass Flower Lilac
Glass Flower Lilac
Pattern Cobblestone Aqua
Pattern Geometric Opal
Pattern Green Mermaid Scales
Pattern Mermaid Scales Lilac
Pattern Leopard Opal
Pattern Opal Rhombus
Pattern Rose Opal
Pattern Peach Yellow Mermaid Scales
Pattern Peach Yellow Pink Leopard
Pattern Peach Yellow Rose
Pattern Hearts Rainbow
Pattern Rainbow Leopard
Pattern Rainbow Mermaid
Pattern Transparent Leopard
Pattern Transparent Mermaid Scales
Glass Flower Black
Pattern Mirror Rainbow Paint
Pattern Peach Yellow Glitter Rhombus
Pattern Rainbow Diamond
Pattern Rainbow Paint
Pattern Silver Ice Cubes
Pattern Mermaid Scales Opal
Pattern Candy
Glass Flower Silver
Size: 12in x 12in (30.4cm x 30.4cm)

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Nothing adds a pop to a project like holographic permanent adhesive vinyl by Teckwrap. It is durable, so go ahead and bling up that Starbucks cold cup with some sass. 

Holographic contains colour changing chips that creates an eye catching depth and dimension. Available in many special effect colours and finishes, Holographic will take your designs to a new level. 

Projects come to life with a choice of three holographic effects: Sparkle, Glossy, and Patterns.


  • Finish: light glitter for shimmer effect
  • Adhesive: safe solvent based
  • Water resistant (hand wash)
  • Cuts beautifully on Cricut and Silhouette
  • Comes in two size options 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kathy Simmons

Holographic Pattern Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap

Violet Fiorentino

Holographic Pattern Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap

Carrie Lalande

Loved using the patterned vinyl. Made a bookmark for my best friend and it had roses so I used it. Wasn’t sure what I would use it for but knew I had to have it. Now I have it and need to figure out what I will use the rest for. :). Will definitely order more things and may take a road trip in again.

Nicole C

Holographic Pattern Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap


It is great! I enjoyed making my project,and with this vinyl it cut easy and the finished product it great and professional looking.