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Permanent Craft Vinyl - ORACAL® 651 (15' and 50' Rolls)

Colour: Yellow #021
Yellow #021
Brimstone Yellow #025
Dark Red #030
Red #031
Orange #034
Pastel Orange #035
Coral #341
Purple #404
Lavender #043
Lilac #042
Pink #041
Soft Pink #045
Dark Blue #050
Brilliant Blue #086
Light Blue #053
Ice Blue #056
Turquoise #054
Mint #055
Forest Green #613
Grass Green #068
Light Green #062
Yellow Green #064
Lime-Tree Green #063
Brown #080
Light Brown #081
Beige #082
Cream #023
Grey #071
Light Grey #072
Silver Grey Metalic #090
Gold Metalic #091
Copper Metalic #092
Black Glossy #070
Black Matte #070M
White Glossy #010
White Matte #010M
Transparent #000
Size: 12in x 15ft (30.4cm x 4.5m)

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12" and 3' Rolls available here

Our ever popular Oracal 651 now comes in 15 and 50 foot rolls. 

Stop dreaming! Oracal 651 is trusted staple in every craft room, studio or workshop. Oracal 651 is a breeze to cut, easy to weed and transfer whether it's a tumbler or an outdoor porch sign you are decorating. There is a reason this is the most popular vinyl for cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette. 

Because this is a professional grade vinyl, it has a solvent based adhesive, giving your project up to 6 years outside.

It comes in 36 colour options and even transparent so you can stock any craft room to have the perfect colour on hand when you need it. 

Suggested Uses:

Outdoor signs, Car window decals, tumblers, planter pots, and more. If you can imagine it, you can make it.


  • Available in 34 gloss colours and 2 matte (black and white)
  • 15 or 50 Foot Roll
  • High gloss finish that is scratch resistant
  • UV resistent
  • Apply with medium tack transfer tape such as MT80

Customer Reviews

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Sherry Perez

Permanent Craft Vinyl - ORACAL® 651 (15' and 50' Rolls)

Mirna Raymond

Great product. Great Service!


Best vinyl

Sarah Trauzzi
Love this shop

The selection that they gave here is fantastic- and the team are amazing.

Robin Terveld

Permanent Craft Vinyl - ORACAL® 651 (15' and 50' Rolls)