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Opal Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap

Forest Green
Green Malachite
Fierce Red
Hot Pink
Opal White
Orchid Purple
Peach Yellow Pink
Peacock Blue
Pearlescent Coral Orange
Pearlescent Fierce Red
Pearlescent Green Malachite
Pearlescent Hot Pink
Pearlescent Lime
Pearlescent Peacock Blue
Pearlescent Hyacinth Blue

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Electify your project with the unique finish of opal.

Opal permanent adhesive vinyl is amazing for projects like mugs, cups, tumblers and signs. The accent of opal will give any project a subtle, but incredibly beautiful effect. Opal is unique in that it has colour play which means that the colour changes with the light and the direction the object is held at. Where holographic vinyl reflects the rainbow, opal changes colours as it moves in the light, so it's like holographic but different because for example, the peacock blue reflects blue to green colours and the peach yellow pink opal vinyl reflects that range of colours in the light.