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Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl - TeckWrap

Metallic Blue
Metallic Copper
Metallic Gold
Metallic Pink
Metallic Red
Metallic Silver
Soft Luxury Gold
Soft Purple Pink
Soft Rainbow Silver
Soft Rose Gold
Soft Sapphire Blue
Pearlescent Cyan Blue
Pearlescent Gold
Pearlescent Lilac
Pearlescent Mint
Pearlescent Rose Gold

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Coming in both a soft metallic and pearlescent finish, this is an amazing Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for cotton and polyester fabrics giving any project an shiny appearance.

The soft metallic is highly reflective picking up a spectrum of the colour choice

The glossy pearlescent is a more subtle less reflective and consistently a more solid colour with a pearl finish effect

The metallics are more polished and mirrored.