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2023 Cricut 4 Week Beginner Class

Class Dates

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Feel confident to take the leap and get that Cricut you have your eye on out of the box and being used for any project you can dream up. After all you see people making all these awesome projects, and you want to make them too.

This four week course is perfect for beginners. Whether you have a Cricut or not, we will cover everything you need to know from setting up your Design Space, how to use the software, and make all sorts of cuts with confidence. We provide all the materials you need including a machine to use, a computer to create a great take home project each week using a variety of materials. 

Total hours: 8 hours / 4 classes 

Week 1: 

  • Setting up your machine and Design Space
  • Overview of Design Space Canvas, and Menus
  • Cut your first project: Vinyl Decal
  • Weeding
  • Application

Week 2:

  • File formats and uploading images vs. Design Space
  • Tools and materials
  • Blades and housings
  • Design Space layers panel
  • Make and take project: Vinyl: Customized Soap/ Lotion Dispenser

Week 3:

  • Working with text 
  • Working with Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Types of heat transfer vinyl
  • Make and take project HTV: Choose a tote or a shirt

Week 4:

  • Working with cardstock and other materials
  • Make and take project Paper Crafting: Greeting Card

What is included:

  • Full instructions, step by step
  • Time to learn, explore and absorb
  • All project materials including machine and computer

A few days before the class begins you will receive an email from Shelley with details.