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Desktop Weeding Waste Bin

Colour: Rose
Rose Gold

One of any crafters biggest frustrations is weeding, especially vinyl and all the bits that are created and stuck to everything from your elbow to the dog. Use the desktop trash can in your craft room to put all your vinyl scraps in as you weed. With little flexible teeth it is the easiest way to get those little bits off your tool, and not have a huge mess to clean up. Who knew that garbage could look so elegant! 

No more fighting to get those tiny bits off your weeding tool. Simply scrape them along the flexible teeth and watch them fall into the plastic bag. When you are done, simply remove the outer sleeve, collect the bag and throw it away. We designed it to fit a standard dog waste 9" bag, add a new one off the roll we send you to get you started.


  • Two pieces: inner basket to put bag in and the outer sleeve slides down over top for a snug fit, and a beautiful feminine look
  • Comes with a roll of bags to get you started, but it does take a standard 9" dog waste bag
  • Custom designed for the vinyl and HTV crafter to eliminate frustration and time at clean up
  • Designed to be sturdy with silicone feet on the bottom to protect your work surface and prevent slipping 
  • 3D printed with eco-friendly plastics. A harder one for the outer shell and inner basket and a softer, more flexible one on the teeth to ease removal of vinyl off the weeding tool


Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Elaine Veitch
Quality control

I purchased a weeding bin and the teeth were uneven messy nubs. Prior to purchasing, I read reviews with photos of this item on the seller’s Etsy store and the one I received doesn’t match the quality of the ones shown in the reviews. I contacted the seller (and included photos) who told me minor imperfections were expected due to them being 3D printed. Fair enough, I don’t expect perfection, except mine looks significantly worse compared to the others I saw. There should be a higher standard level in what gets a pass. I was going to gift this to a friend, unfortunately, this bin is going in the bin.

Suzette Orlandi
Weeding basket

Love the Cricut organizers

Mary Randall

Desktop Weeding Waste Bin

Patricia Dill
Desktop Weeding

It is perfect. Thank you!

Kathi MacNaughton

I got my weeding bin last week, but didn't get a chance to use it till this week. And... drumroll... I am absolutely in love with it! I'd been using one of those little things that fit over your fingers and are almost impossible to empty. The bin is so much easier to use and will be a breeze to empty. And so cool it's 3D printed! I love it and so thankful I found out about it at Amy Romeu and Jen Swift's recent Cricut Crafting Adventure Event!