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UV Colour Changing Permanent Adhesive Vinyl - TeckWrap

Colour: Light Green to Blue
Light Green to Blue
Light Pink to Pink
Light Purple to Purple
Size: 12in x 12in (30.4cm x 30.4cm)

UV/ Sunlight colour changing vinyl becomes a beautiful pastel colour and out of the light, it becomes pale and translucent. In the sun it becomes a light purple, light pink or light blue depending on the colour you chose. Out of the sunlight, it goes back to the light translucent colour. 


  • Finish: light glitter for shimmer effect
  • Adhesive: safe solvent based
  • Water resistant (hand wash)
  • Cuts beautifully on Cricut and Silhouette
  • Three sizes to choose from

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Allison Johnston
Such fun

I bought this vinyl to make cups with for an upcoming trip, I ran out of time but I really enjoyed showing the vinyl off to family. Will make cup for another trip with it

Inez M. Dockrill

Having been a crafter most of my life I entered the cricut world early and how there came a time when the cutting machines had accessories. Blades, pens, tweezers etc. Over a year ago , as I was going down crafting rabbit holes I clicked on a page that had a circuit organizer or something… I clicked. I stumbled on this little company that had developed a sturdy, handy and had room for everything. I bought two of the organizers and love them. Step forward to 2021 I am cleaning emails and see the uniquelywhynot company and clicked again only to ( after a few hoops) was on a page that now has amazing vinyl, HTV, FOIL, WRAPS, Patterns like you would not believe, UV vinyl and on and on. Don’t waste your time listening to me - checking them out. Uniquelywhynot is an amazing Canadian company with incredible products and great service. Check them out.

Renee McDonough
UV Colour Changing Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Amazing!! Just what I was hoping for!