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Cricut Maker Door Tray Blade Organizer

Colour: Rose

Organize your blades in the door of your Maker!

Are you tried of your blades rolling around in the door loose? Would you love to travel with your Cricut Maker or new Cricut Maker 3? Do you craft in a really small space and don’t have room for a desktop organizer? Would you simply prefer all your blades are tucked away safely out of sight from little fingers? Any of those sound familiar? Look no further!

Organize all your blades, housings and tips in a secure, perfectly fit tray for inside your Cricut Maker or the new Cricut Maker 3 door. Blades are easy to put in and take out, and even the trays can be slipped out easily. No misfits with this design! Watch the video for a demo.

Blades are NOT included. We are not affiliated with Cricut.

What does it come with?

2 (two) tray inserts come as a set and are not sold individually.

2 FREE SVG files for each try with each purchase to cut your own design and add your own creative personality to the top. We even made an all white version as a blank slate.

The Specs:

8 slots for Blade housings including the knife blade, the Rotary bade and Quickswap housings. Cut outs in the middle make accessing them and lifting them out a breeze, yet you can feel confident nothing will come out once the door is closed.

5 easy to access, yet secure spots for Quick Swap Tips aligned with each blade housing for logical and optimal organization for quick and easy blade or tip changes with any project.

Spots for 5 blade housings including the new foil transfer housings and two easy access channels for the foil transfer tips.

This Organization Door Tray comes in all our usual custom colours, and is engineered with the highest level of strength, function and design.

3D Printed using eco-friendly plastic because we care about mother earth.

1 This does not fit the Cricut Explore Air machines. Please send us a message and let us know if it’s something you want. We love working with our fellow Cricut crafters.
2. Weeding Tools and blades not included. Cricut® is a registered trademark of Cricut Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

It's perfect! Fits all my blades... no nore rolling around and falling out!

Marina Fletcher
Awesome products

Ordered some puffed vinyl and the blade organizer, I thought it would take a while for my items to be shipped. Within two days my items were delivered to my door personally by the business staff, I was able to speak to the person regarding his business and the store regarding products and location. Looking forward to visiting this business in person and ordering more product, highly recommend the business

Nell Stettler

Fits perfectly! Shipping was fast.

Constance Hall
A perfect fit!

I love the cricut Maker door tray blade organizer, I makes it so much easy to find the right blade without spending so much wasted time.

Stephanie G.

I ordered the Tray Organizer for my cricut that I received at Christmas. I'm in the US so my order took a while to arrive (~2 weeks). It was worth the wait! It fits perfectly and now all my tools are organized. I don't have to worry about my blades getting damaged being knocked around. Thank you!